We are active in several areas:


Ongoing support and assistance to persons coordinating or acting as Data Protection Officer in various sectors.


Organizing conferences, workshops, meetings and trainings for people interested in the subject of personal data protection, in particular personal data protection inspectors (including in local centres).

Publishing articles and brochures related to the aims of the Association.

Promoting good practices in the area of personal data protection.

Studies and research

Conducting research and studies related to the effects of new technologies on personal data protection.

Conducting comparative studies in the field of personal data protection law.

Integration (members + topics)

Undertaking activities aimed at combining knowledge in the field of personal data protection with the subject of IT systems and applications security.

Personal development of Association members.

Representation of the community


We operate in the following thematic sections:

 Personal data protection in public administration.

 Personal data protection in the judiciary and justice system.

 Personal data protection in HR.

Personal data protection in financial institutions.

Personal data protection in insurance.

Personal data protection in marketing.

Personal data protection in health care.

Personal data protection in new technologies.

Certification in the field of personal data protection.


We will also keep you up to date on initiatives taken here.