Founding members of SPOD:

 Magdalena Rycak
 Izabela Kowalczuk-Pakuła
Marlena Sakowska-Baryła

Bogusława Pilc
Paweł Litwiński
Paweł Barta

Michał Kluska
Damian Karwala
Bartosz Marcinkowski

What are our goals?

Organizing conferences, workshops, meetings and trainings for people interested in the subject of personal data protection, in particular personal data protection officers (including in local centres).

Promoting good practice in the field of personal data processing.

Organising cultural and scientific meetings integrating the community of people interested in the subject of personal data protection.

Disseminating knowledge about legal regulations regarding personal data protection in Poland and abroad.

Publishing articles and brochures related to the aims of the Association.

Popularising the legal standards adopted in Europe regarding personal data protection.

Conducting comparative studies in the field of personal data protection law.

Undertaking activities aimed at combining knowledge on the subject of personal data protection with the subject of IT systems and applications security.

Conducting research and studies related to the effects of new technologies on personal data protection.

Providing ongoing support and assistance to persons coordinating/acting as a data protection officer in various sectors.

Developing the practice of applying the legal provisions on personal data protection.

Furthering the personal development of members of the Association.


We achieve our goals by:

Supporting and promoting informational and publishing activities regarding personal data protection.

Preparing analyses, reports, opinions, assessments and applications in the field of personal data protection (especially at the interface with other areas of the law and the economy).

Organising and supporting conferences, seminars and workshops by other entities.

Networking – facilitating contacts between practitioners of personal data protection law, exchanging knowledge and experience.

Cooperating with organisations and institutions (including universities and research institutes).



Cities in which we operate:

Gdańsk, Łódź, Poznań, Rzeszów, Katowice, Kraków, Wrocław, Warszawa.


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